July residents: She and Her: Dawn Ertl, Tava Tedesco and Krista Feld


The ILGWU and Long Beach Art Exchange is happy to announce our July Artists in Residence, She and Her. She and Her is a group of artists based in Long Beach. Members include: Dawn Ertl, Tava Tedesco and Krista Feld. They will be exhibiting their art and producing new work in the space for from July 1st through July 31st, 2014.

On Second Saturday and Third Thursday She and Her will be exhibiting recent work and hosting a local artist gift shop in Site Space from 3-10pm. Site Space is a mobile art residency run by Tava Tedesco from the inside of a Portable Camper. Site Space will be parked directly in front of the ILGWU. For her resdiencyTedesco has curated a collection a local artist gift shop. Everything sold in the shop will be priced under $50.00. Items that will be sold include textiles, prints, ceramics, jewelry,books, fruit preserves, and more.


The She and Her collective will be hosting Free Knitting and Weaving Classes every Tuesday evening in July from 7-9pm. A large weaving system will be set up in the storefront that visitors can help construct. They will also be teaching weaving on cardboard looms weaving. These weaving and knitting lessons are all free and open to the public, materials will be provided but feel free to bring your own yarn/needles, frame looms etc.


On Wednesdays in July She and Her will be hosting Knitting Movie Nights from 6-10pm. A variety of techniques will be covered including: needle knitting, finger knitting, and arm knitting. Knitting movie night is a time and space for makers to come and hang out Wednesday evenings. Five different films will be screened during the month of July:

July 9 Pretty in Pink
July 16 The Happening
July 23 Whip it
July 30 Wes Anderson Film (TBD)

This event is free and open to the public. Feel free to bring crafts and snacks. A limited amount of yarn + knitting supplies will be provided.


The ILGWU continues to host The Sewing Rebellion every Sundays from 4-7pm however in observance of Independence Day it will not be held on Sunday, July 6th.

Craftswoman House

For the month of June, Craftswoman House will be in residence at the Institute for Labor Generosity Workers and Uniforms in Long Beach. Save the date for these upcoming events:

Saturday June 14th, 6-10pm: Secrets and Confessions features a series of new pieces by Liz Young. For this project, Young collected private confessions from anonymous participants and embroidered their words onto the surface of found objects. Young serves as an unreliable confident as secrets are transferred from the private to the public realm. Her process reflects the way that secrets often circulate in our daily lives, and she invites viewers to divulge their own confessions as contributions to the exhibit.



Thursday June 19th, 7-9pm: Surface Tensions an evening of performance with works by Brian Getnick, Kate Hoffman, Liz Nurenberg, and Jemima Wyman. The event will feature works that address gender through body and process-based performances that explore tactile and sensory experience, skins and surfaces, narratives expressed through materials, and the intersection of fashion and performance.



Saturdays June 21 & June 28, 12-4: Liz Young will offer open workshops to introduce students to the materials and techniques of hand embroidery. She will teach students basic skills such as stabilizing and hooping, design placement, and a variety of hand stitches. During these workshops, students may choose to contribute their own secrets and confessions to Young’s exhibition.

photo 5

Craftswoman House is dedicated to fostering a dialogue on feminist issues through projects and exhibitions. CWH is inspired by collective works such as Womanhouse, and pays homage to the rich legacy of feminist art in Southern California.



Werkin’ Class


STEVEN FROST (b. Woodsville, NH) ) lives in Long Beach, California. He is an interdisciplinary artist working primarily in sculpture and performance. Frost’s work explores the correlation between performance, identity, and objects. He draws inspiration from literary works, late night television, private archives, and Tumblr.

Frost’s latest project Werkin’ Class is created using the archive of his Great Aunt Helen and her partner Alice. Through collaboration, performance, painting, cooking, and sewing he hopes to reconnect to his departed queer ancestors. Helen and Alice left their family farms after World War II to make their own lives in 1940’s Springfield, Massachusetts. They found privacy and independence as professional women in the once affluent Boston suburb. In his residency at ILGWU, Frost will use develop a series of performances and objects that will pay tribute to Alice and Helen while exploring his own exodus from blue collar Vermont to LA County.

Frost was the recipient of the Lenore G. Tawney Prize and 2011 Annenberg Prize Nominee. He has exhibited his work New York, DC, Seattle, Chicago, and many other locations across the US. He was a 2012 ACRE resident. Frost received a BFA in 2004 from Alfred University/ The New York State College of Ceramics & Design, Alfred, NY. and an MFA in 2011 from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago, Chicago, IL.

Lost Workers – A month of commemorative actions


Lost Workers

A month long performative commemoration for garment workers who have given their lives for the production of cheep disposable clothing.



  • Frau Fiber sews Triangle shirtwaist blouse with the door locked!  

Saturday March 8, 6-10 pm. Wed-Fri 12-6 pm.

  • Faux Frau Training

Saturday March 15, 2014, 10 am – 3 pm.  Recruitment event for community members to host the Sewing Rebellion in Frau Fiber steed.

Thursday March 19, 7:30 pm 

  • International Women’s day Dinner, Tuesday March 25, 7 pm.  Frau Fiber hosts a limited seating dinner in celebration of garment workers.  $10 RSVP fraufiber@gmail.com  
  • Free Kids Textile Arts workshop, Saturday March 29, 1-4 pm.  Ages 9-14.  Hosted by Irene Murphy, CSULA Textiles BA Student. Participants will explore cardboard weaving and rope making, to generate a hand- crafted bag.  To register email irene.murphy85@gmail.com

Faux Frau Training

Saturday, March 15 2014

10 am – 3 pm



Do you have sewing skills?

Do you want to support Sewing Rebellions in Long Beach, Los Angeles, and your own communities?


Then Frau Fiber wants you to be a leader in her resistance army of sewers, by becoming a Faux Frau!


  • You will learn how to operate all the machines at the Institute 4 Labor Generosity Workers & Uniforms!
  • Learn how to share your sewing knowledge!
  • Learn how to instruct basic sewing skills!
  • Learn how to create written instructions!


Upon completion of this course participants will be awarded an official certificate of Sewing Rebellion operations, a replica of Frau Fiber’s cap and Sewing Rebellion patches.

RSVP fraufiber@gmail.com

A healthy energizing lunch will be served.