ILGWU presents the work of Lauren Becker, CSULA Fashion and Textiles graduate candidate.

Reception Saturday Sept. 14, 2013 6- 10 pm.

Ms. Becker’s work examines memory and nostalgia endeavoring to answer the following questions: Is there a way to express ones experiences through a catalog of personal objects?

Much of what modern nostalgia presents to us is related to memory. The way we experience nostalgia is a perpetual remembering and forgetting.  The past is used falsely or in a re-constructionist manner to produce comfort and safety in the present and future. With this in mind her work constructs a narrative for the self, community, and a broader cultural context. Cataloging personal materials related to memory, sentimentality, nostalgia, and self-reflection she hopes to gain a greater understanding of her own sense of self, and it’s preservation through objects.

Volume 1: a collection of dresses has a direct relationship to the culturally engendered views of femininity that have informed her self-development. This collection is ultimately tied to her own experience of loss and the projected ideas of what her future identify will be.  The collection, and her embedded memories are important components to expressing the psychological power that exists in the act of collecting.




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