We Advise You

The Institute 4 Labor Generosity Workers & Uniforms in partnership with the Long Beach Art Exchange is happy to announce our August Artist in Residence: Danielle McCullough. During her residency, McCullough will be working on cyanotype, drawings, and poetry broadsides in collaboration with poet Sam Solomon.  she has also invited artist/filmmaker Alee Peoples to contribute a banner and curate a surf themed film screening for Labor day.



Through a grant from the Long Beach Arts Council, ILGWU, and Art X present WE ADVISE YOU.   For her residency McCullough will develop a series of syanotypes which are derived from transparency collages incorporated from antropometry text generated by the US government.  The field of anthropometry collects body measurement date from a broad swath of people in order to assist manufactures and institutes with providing safe products and ergonomic workplace solutions for the future consumers and workers.  This sold science’s history is tied to social Darwinsim and the abuse of scientific research to argue on behalf of imperial control of “lesser” racial, ethinic or differently abled types; and the residuals of the desire to control them remain intact.

Poet Sam Solomon will join Mcullough for a poetry reading during the opening reception on Saturday August 9th.

McCullough will have open studio hours from 10-2 each Saturday and Sunday, during which the public and visit her work.

Aug 30, 10 am – 2 pm Free Cyanotype workshop.  McCullough takes an opportunity to share her techniques with the public with an all ages cyanotype workshop.  This event is perfect for people at all creative skill levels.  They will create their own cyanotype prints and learn about the remarkable history of the process.  This workshop is funded by a generous grant from the Long Beach Arts Council.

Aug 31  The residency will close on August 31 with a surf themed outdoor screening curated by Alee Peoples.  Please check out Facebook page later this month for more details on this event.



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