Free Zone Regime

Free Zone Regime: Frau Fibers’ tourism and capitalistic explorations of textile and garment production Ghana.

The exhibition will feature a collection of Pocket Smocks and East German Shopping Bags produced by tailors, dyers and weavers in Tamale Ghana.

Frau Fiber Batik Uniform

Opening Saturday Dec. 13, 6-10 pm.









2 thoughts on “Free Zone Regime

  1. Hi – I am a LA Artist creating work using vintage tissue paper patterns and images of my mother’s industrial sewing machines on canvas. I recently completed a mannequin completely covered with vintage tissue patterns. Someone forwarded an email notice about an exhibit. I would like more information and suspect that you will be VERY interested in my work. My website is . . . .Check it out.

    • Hello Susan, thank you for your message. Not sure what notice you received. the ILGWU is my artist studio, and I show my own work, and that of my collaborators, and it’s mostly textile, weaving, garment, and performance based. I had a look at your web site, and the pieces are nice. Please come join us for a sewing rebellion any time.

      Danke FF

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