Black Friday Mend America Stitch In


Please join Frau Fiber and the Long Beach Faux Frau’s for 
The Black Friday Mend America Stitch In. 

Frau Fiber made the pledge to Mend America (see below), this is her first action in support of that pledge!

All are welcome, to join us for a durational hands on vigil to Mend America.
Friday Nov. 25, 2016@ ILGWU 322 Elm Ave, Long Beach CA, 12-9 pm. 

We will present a series of Peace Work Activities:

  • Deconstruct / Reconstruct: an opportunity for us to re-make the American flag using reclaimed textiles.
  • Mending America: a large-scale textile map of America which will be hand stitched by participants.
  • Letter writing and calling resources: we will have on hand a list of who to call and write to, so you can let your voice be heard.

This is an open space for critical, constructive and solution oriented conversations and

Free Soup!  BYOB

For those of you outside the region, please unite with us by hosting an event in your community.

Yours in Solidarity
Frau Fiber

Pledge to Mend America

I pledge my life to mending America by being a watchful and vigilant community member; peacefully and firmly fighting racism, sexism, and oppression; crafting spaces where all people are welcome; to continue to create change through call to actions, skill sharing, sewing, and mending; and to persistently persevere in spite of the seemingly futility of it all.

Frau Fiber
9 November 2016