ILGWU 2nd Annual Lost Workers Commemoration



Wednesday March 25, 2015, the 104rd anniversary of the Triangle Shirt Waist Fire, Frau Fiber continued the production of Triangle Shirt waists blouses commemorating garment workers who have given their lives for American Fast Fashion.  This year in a 12 hour shift 7 shirts were completed.

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Lost Workers – A month of commemorative actions


Lost Workers

A month long performative commemoration for garment workers who have given their lives for the production of cheep disposable clothing.



  • Frau Fiber sews Triangle shirtwaist blouse with the door locked!  

Saturday March 8, 6-10 pm. Wed-Fri 12-6 pm.

  • Faux Frau Training

Saturday March 15, 2014, 10 am – 3 pm.  Recruitment event for community members to host the Sewing Rebellion in Frau Fiber steed.

Thursday March 19, 7:30 pm 

  • International Women’s day Dinner, Tuesday March 25, 7 pm.  Frau Fiber hosts a limited seating dinner in celebration of garment workers.  $10 RSVP  
  • Free Kids Textile Arts workshop, Saturday March 29, 1-4 pm.  Ages 9-14.  Hosted by Irene Murphy, CSULA Textiles BA Student. Participants will explore cardboard weaving and rope making, to generate a hand- crafted bag.  To register email