Launch of the first ILGWU Calendar

This limited edition of 100 calendars will be available as of  December 10, 2017, 6-9 pm @ ILGWU 322 Elm Ave, Long Beach CA, or place your orders by emailing Frau @

students, under-employed, retired, fixed income: $10.00
working folks: $25.00
working with benefits: $35.00
10 autographed by Frau Fiber copies: $50.00 each

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Black Friday Mend America Stitch In


Please join Frau Fiber and the Long Beach Faux Frau’s for 
The Black Friday Mend America Stitch In. 

Frau Fiber made the pledge to Mend America (see below), this is her first action in support of that pledge!

All are welcome, to join us for a durational hands on vigil to Mend America.
Friday Nov. 25, 2016@ ILGWU 322 Elm Ave, Long Beach CA, 12-9 pm. 

We will present a series of Peace Work Activities:

  • Deconstruct / Reconstruct: an opportunity for us to re-make the American flag using reclaimed textiles.
  • Mending America: a large-scale textile map of America which will be hand stitched by participants.
  • Letter writing and calling resources: we will have on hand a list of who to call and write to, so you can let your voice be heard.

This is an open space for critical, constructive and solution oriented conversations and

Free Soup!  BYOB

For those of you outside the region, please unite with us by hosting an event in your community.

Yours in Solidarity
Frau Fiber

Pledge to Mend America

I pledge my life to mending America by being a watchful and vigilant community member; peacefully and firmly fighting racism, sexism, and oppression; crafting spaces where all people are welcome; to continue to create change through call to actions, skill sharing, sewing, and mending; and to persistently persevere in spite of the seemingly futility of it all.

Frau Fiber
9 November 2016


oh hi flyer

The Institute 4 Labor Generosity Workers & Uniforms presents SELF-CARE SHARE, a one night event featuring new textile and clay works by Elise Bernal!

Self-Care Share features a large scale, interactive wall hanging that utilizes different parts of the body as pockets of knowledge that we can use to learn and grow. Each pocket will feature a small gift for participants to keep and or share. The intent of this work is to share joy and knowledge and celebrate the beauty and strength of human existence.

The night will feature a small reception and conversation, more details to be added soon! 

Check out the event on FB:
Follow Elise on instagram: @madeupofseeds


Limited edition of 30 Frau Fiber t-shirts.  Made in 2015 during THE PEOPLE’S CLOTH TRADE SHOW, at the Los Angeles municipal Gallery in 2015.  Production team: Frau Fiber, Faux Frau Anna, Krista and Gladys, and volunteers Carrie, Matias and friends.   Graphic designed by Frau Fiber and printed in Long Beach.

T-shirts are $35.  Frau Fiber is launching a buy back program, when you are tired of the shirt, you can return to Frau Fiber and receive $5 cash refund, or $10 towards another swag purchase.

one size fits most.

To place your order email


East German Shopping bags: from a sow’s ear to silk purse.  This seasonal collection of bags are made from donated remnants, used clothing, and pieces of Ghanaian textiles, in the scale of bags made in East Germany, during the GDR times.

Pay what you want prices.  Email to make your choice.


#062016denim SOLD


#062016cowboy SOLD



#062016greytwill  SOLD


#062016ghanafloral SOLD





#062016ghanawithblack SOLD


#062016pendeltongrey SOLD



#062016blueghana SOLD



#062016ghanacanvass DONATED TO Los Angeles Garments Workers Center 15th anniversary party



#062016greywithstriplinen SOLD



#062016denimwithlinenlongstrap SOLD



June Gloom

June Gloom: an evening of sound, video, film and swag

6-9 pm
The Launch of ILGWU Pop up street swag shop
.  Featuring East German Shopping Bags made from donated remnants, and a collection of limited edition American Apparel knock off t-shirts, made by Frau Fiber, the Faux Frau’s  and other participates of  The Peoples Cloth Trade show @ LAMAG this past winter.  T-shirts are screen printed in collaboration with Self Help Graphics with Frau Fiber and her slogan, “shop to last not fast”

Screen Shot 2016-05-31 at 11.55.24 AM

7 pm Film Screenings by Jodie Mack and Alee Peoples

Jodie Mack
Blanket Statement #2: All or Nothing (2013, 3m, 16mm, col., sound.)
A battle of extreme extremes.

Undertone Overture (2013, 10m30s, 16mm, color, sound)
A study of tie dye swims out to the cosmos and back again.


Alee Peoples
Non-Stop Beautiful Ladies (2015, 9min, 16mm, color, sound)
A Los Angeles street film starring empty signs, radio from passing cars and human sign spinners, some with a pulse and some without.

8 pm  Glitzer
An independent audio visual project of LA based artist and musician, Christy Roberts Berkowitz, and poet/emcee/designer, Def Sound. Conceived as a progressive art wave, electronic music project, inspired by the cosmos, elements, quantum physics, and the experience of the universe as a conscious and sentient… witch.